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Стоимость поездки
Будни Выходные
1500* руб. 1500* руб.
1500 руб. 1500 руб.
Откат Визы
1500* руб. 1500* руб.
1700 руб. 1700 руб.
1600 руб. 1600 руб.
3000 руб. 3000 руб.
1500 руб. 1500 руб.
Котка / Хамина
2000 руб. 2000 руб.
1500 руб. 1500 руб.
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Invite us to Finland for a day on 8-of local new and comfortable minibus Ford Transit Connect air-conditioned for each passenger, stove, and comfortable seats

No fuss, no jostling, no wholesalers. Child car seat.
We are not middlemen, we go by your own transport, we care about their reputation
MORNING climb ADDRESSES, evening, Razvozov!

Until Lapperanty from home and back to the house in a van – 1600 RV Saturday and holidays-1600r

Book a Visit at:

8911119 September 1968 – Vladimir
8 921 973 6953 – Helen
8911250 40 66 – Andrew
If your phone does not answer or is reset (the subscriber in Finland) – return the call on other
Purpose of the trip – easy shopping, and roll back the visa.
Main area – close to the border cities such as Lappeenranta, Imatra, Kotka and Kouvola.
Arrivals in all the shops of famous brands, clothing, footwear, household goods, all kinds of food, as well as duty free, tax free, disa’s fish.

Flights to Lapeenrantu almost every day.
Quickly and safely deliver you «from address to address in Helsinki, or any other city

Organize transfers:

The railway and bus stations
At airports in Finland (Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Vantaa, Helsinki-Vantaa and Tampere-Pirkkala, Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Lappeenranta Ryanair
To terminals ferry companies Tallink (Tallink), Silja Line (Silja line) and Viking Line (Viking line), in Helsinki (Helsinki) and Turku (Turku).
For residents of Moscow will meet you at the Moscow train station
Individual approach to each client
Experienced drivers with experience of
Implementation of urgent and individual orders